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Find more advice on exploring Scotland during Covid-19 on our dedied page. Visit advice page 5 Historic House Dumfries House Historic Buildings & Homes Cumnock Ayrshire Dumfries House is one of Britain’s most beautiful stately homes and best kept .

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Knitted hose were first known in Scotland (1499); in France, Henry II is said to have worn (c.1559) the first knitted silk hose. Knitting thereafter became general, and machines came into use after 1589. Colored and eroidered hose were worn in the 17th cent

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Our range of Water Bowsers are perfect for use as portable water tanks and emergency water tanks for many appliions including drinking water. Helpful information on the differences between Wooden, Steel, Plastic and Coination IBC pallets, and how to make

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Watercare site 19/10/2020 8:41:15 PM Water pressure and flow rate at your meter In normal conditions we will provide residents with: water pressure of at least 200 kPa a water flow rate of at least 25 litres per minute (based on 15mm residential water meter).

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water meter you will be charged in the same way as unmetered customers. Your bill is not based on how much water you use but is usually made up of a fixed charge (the ‘standing charge’) and a charge related to the rateable value of your

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Water butts are a great solution if there is a hosepipe ban in place or you simply want to save money on your bills. Treatments can help prevent stagnant water from harbouring harmful bacteria, while pumps can be attached to garden water tanks to transform them into a pressurised hose.

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TWO LAYER EXTREME TEMPERATURE HOSE UP TO +1000 F FOR VEHICLE EXHAUST AND ENGINE DYNAMOMETERS Hose wall material: Double layer, heat resistant glass fabric, high temp fabric w/woven in stainless steel wire Spiral material: Galvanized steel

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Appliions of use for braided hose include supplying water, oil and gas for agriculture and industry, the transference of compressed air in pneumatic equipment, factory airlines, the chemical industry and, as a result of being manufactured from materials which

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There is no hose pipe involved but the pipping to the system is feed from a 5mm pipe from the mains supply I have to have fresh water for top ups and salt water for water changes or I could risk losing my fish. The waste water from the system isn’t going down the

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8/11/2016· It is suitable for use where small quantities of water are required and power supplies are limited, such as for , garden, or livestock water supply. A hydraulic ram pump is useful where the water source flows constantly and the usable fall from the water …

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Fire services use the hydrant for a continuous flow of water which is vital to firefighting operations. A fire truck carries only enough water to make an initial fire attack. In the first minutes of a fire emergency a continuous water supply from the water mains must be accessed through at a hydrant.

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A fire hydrant should be clearly indied by a plate, affixed nearby in a conspicuous position, in accordance with BS 3251:1976. Performance criteria - a hydrant should be connected to a water service pipe capable of delivering water at a flow rate of at least 1500 litres per minute, provided by a water main vested in a public water authority or a supply provided under the Fire (Scotland) Act

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Water Supply From A Well, Borehole Or Rainwater Tank With the advent of water meters and the increasing cost of water, many people are looking at the possibilities of how to use water from a well on their property, as a way of saving money. Borehole users can

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27/7/2010· Both properties, the one that our water comes from and the one that our water goes to are owned by the same appalling landlord. (Sorry for thread hijack, I just didn''t realise it could be a problem). There is a big difference between a shared supply pipe that has legal obligations enshrined in the house deeds and a botched supply from your immediate neighbours pipes.

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Water Absorbing Plants for Landscape Use. While all plants absorb water to a certain degree, particular plants are known for their ability to live with greater amounts of water than

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In 1584 Plymouth installed a water system bringing water to the town and storing it in cisterns for public use free of charge, and Oxford build covered gullies to bring spring water to a 20,000 gallon tank for public use. Victorian History of Pipes

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Buy Titan Fuel Tanks online from Fuel Tank Shop Titan Tanks come in sizes from 1000 litres up to 10,000 litres. The Titan range includes Fuelmasters for Diesel Dispensing, coming complete with pumps, hose and nozzles. The Ecosafe range is designed primarily

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Never use automotive anti-freeze Automotive antifreeze is formulated for engine cooling and can cause problems with flow rates/ pressures and reduced heat transfer. Only use inhibited glycol Uninhibited glycol and water mixtures are very corrosive. Inhibitors protect

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Interflex Hose & Bellows - For Metallic Stainless Steel, Rubber & PTFE Flexible Hose Asselies and Bellows Expansion Joints. UK Agents For Mercer / Mason Rubber Safeflex & Superflex Bellows Compensators. Since 1987, Interflex Hose & Bellows Ltd. have been specialists in the manufacture and supply of an extensive range of bellows expansion joints and flexible hose asselies.

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Our “industry changing” PowerUP-HD reel is the best selling electric hose reel for window cleaners in Europe and is the driving force behind our exclusive van mounted pole systems. Its high speed, low torque design is a world first and specifically suited to long microbore and minibore hoses used for water fed pole window cleaning.

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Always use a clean water hose to fill the tank up. That’s an easy way to prevent bacteria getting in to your tank in the first place. Of course it’s possible that the campsite or motorhome pitch you’re at doesn’t have a clean water hose.

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Rules for Scotland In Scotland, you must REGISTER a sewage discharge, both new and existing, with SEPA. If it is an existing discharge that has been in use since the 1st April 2006, then you can register it if it is for 15 people or less. If it was in use BEFORE

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