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However the oil leak persists. I''m trying to diagnose it now. I''ve tracked the Oil leak all the way up to a hose heading to the radiator. What did your dealer say? Top TexasSuperDuke 125cc Posts: 29 Joined: Wed May 31, 2017 7

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Oil has washed up on 200 beaches and the Brazilian authorities are investigating. BBC Homepage Skip to less than the amount recovered so far, to leak from a ruptured hose during a ship-to-ship

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4/2/2010· I find the best way to track an oil leak is to give clean up the engine block as bets you can, spray it down with a degreaser and wash off, get it as clean as possible then take it for a drive and leave a white bit of cardboard under the motor/trans in the garage overnight.

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Yamaha Motor Australia has recalled 358 retro SR400 bikes over a possible oil leak which could pose a hazard to riders and other road users. The official voluntary safety recall notice issued through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says the engine hose may be incorrectly installed, resulting in oil leaks.

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Testo''s innovative leak detector has the seal of the mandatory DVGW test. You also get the necessary accessories for the pressure and leakage meter: system case, feed module, connector block, hose, test pump, adapter and other items.

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5/8/2005· My 98 WR400 is dripping oil from its vent hose (vent hose is connected to the top of the valve cover). Its not a continuous leak under the bike, but drop by drop it adds up and has me now concerned. Itll probably leak 1/2 quart in 2 hours of hard riding. Im guessing

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31/10/2009· I have some oil leaking from the hoses that connect the oil cooler back into the engine. I''m very mechanically inclined so I''m just trying to find the cleanest way to repair this. 1) Should I drain the oil and then try and refit the current hose? 2) Drain the oil and replace

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I own a 2007 model Kluger.( australia) I have just been told the oil cooler line on my car has a pin hole leak.( - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic What you''re probably going to find is that this is the oil pressure line on the rear cylinder head. It goes from the

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[Archive] Oil leak in my CRD Commander XH Commander and WH Grand Cherokee Just when I was getting excited about my CRD Commander going great guns with just over 8,000 kms, today I discover a small oil patch in my garage.

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Yes, the BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak would be safe and compatible to use on your Bad Boy mower using 20W-50 motor oil. The product does not harden or thicken in anyway, so it would not have any adverse affects on the system.

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12/7/2017· Mine used to leak as well until I started putting oil-resistant Teflon tape on the threads of the plug. Another tip is to NOT use brake cleaner on the valve color to clean. Powdercoat is pretty tough stuff, but harsh chemicals like brake cleaner will take the shine away.

Major oil leak at oil tank breather tube.

8/9/2012· Problem:- Oil is blowing out of the oil tank breather hose in large quantities (confirmed that this is the source of the leak). The oil level is correct and will leak until no oil is left. The oil and vent lines are hooked up correctly and was running fine like this last year.

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Rislone Australia Head Gasket Fix Contains a Coination of Antifreeze Compatible Sodium Silie Sealing Liquid and Various Size Gasket Sealing Particles Which Penetrate Gaps and Cracks and Harden to Permanently Stop Leaks. Learn More Today How Our

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Radiator Stop Leak (R50) Nulon Radiator Stop Leak (R50) stops leaks fast in radiators, heater cores and welch plugs. Nulon R50 is compatible with all coolant types. R50 contains tiny particles of aluminium, brass and cellulose fibre. These particles block up

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2/7/2019· Hoping for some ideas on this oil leak on our Alloytec Calais. Normally it’s an easy thing to figure out a leak. All under the car is wet with oil mixed with road schmutz. I can’t figure if it’s power steering fluid, trans pr engine oil. Looking from under the bonnet, it can

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29/9/2020· The Sin ga pore-based com pany said 73.5 litres of oil spilt into the ocean dur ing bad weather at its fixed leg, cen tral pro cess ing fa cil ity plat form. A com­pany spokes­woman said a safety cou­pling in the of­fload­ing hose to the shut­tle tanker parted at a …

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7/11/2017· I suffered a leak for some time before I realised that with a little less oil in the sump the leak would become insignificant. In Australia there is a discount auto part supplier called Super Cheap that sells radiator and heater hose in various sizes and bends.

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6/8/2011· Here are the top 3.0L CRD oil leak loions in order of how often they happen! 1) Air intake tube in front of the turbo. Usually this is a steady drip of oil that eventually makes it way to the bottom of the engine. This issue generally happens on every 3.0L CRD

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7/5/2015· Oil all over tire Luckily I was only on a short ride home and did''nt dive into any aggressive turns! Tightened the bolt down and it seems fine. However I was thinking about possibly placing small radiator hose clamps (ones that screw tight) on each nut, so that the

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A sprayable sealer that forms a durable rubber barrier that stop leaks in minutes. The wicking action seals hard-to-reach leaks without the need for disasseling or removing parts. Automobile Suggested Appliions: Engine and transmission leaks, hoses, oil pans, differentials, transmission pans, cooling systems, thermostats, water pumps, valve covers, tubing connections, electrical harness

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23/12/2019· That''s not to bad of an oil leak for about five hours use I;ve had oil run down the side of the mower from the same leak in less than 30min of run time. The dipstick Oil Filler Tube never seem to seal right on the briggs I''ve worked on and use,the plastic tube seems to warp over time and not seat right.

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18/4/2016· I used 3/8 copper tube and 1/4 brass hose barbs cut off and the end ground down to fit into the drilled hole allowing the barb to rest on the tube for soldering. It took a couple hours to gt it all together. I initially used heater hose but that isn''t rated for oil vapor.

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31/5/2014· I have a 2012 tri glide that sprung an oil leak from the oil cooling lines. The rubber hose near the engine case where the hose clamp is attached just behind the clamp cracked. Changed my rear brake pads at 10,000 miles and the rotors were still good. Getting ready

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Maintaining a car is never easy. Problems will sometimes occur. Learning to fix these yourself is a way of saving money, but can be time-consuming, such as finding the source of an engine''s oil leak. Start engine and run at idle. Hose down the engine compartment